2.0 TFSi Camshaft Follower

2.0 TFSi Engine Servicing

When carrying out routine servicing of a vehicle with a 2.0TFSI engine, or looking to improve the performance of the engine, you should consider paying attention to the cam follower and fuel pump.

All vehicles that use the  2.0L TFSI engine are affected. As found in various models across Audi, VW, SEAT, Skoda range.

High-pressure fuel pump Camshaft drive Lobe

The high-pressure fuel pump can cause serious damage to the cam lobe if the follower that drives the pump is not replaced periodically.

Due to the high failure rates, the factory solution was to increase the hardening of the cam lobe, as of 2006 all 2.0TFSI’s were fitted with the improved camshaft.

The issue affects both standard and tuned vehicles including all versions of aftermarket up-rated fuel pumps.

This issue is not a direct result of remapping. However, extended periods at very high RPM – such as aggressive track day driving – can cause rapid deterioration thus the recommended service inspections.

Cam Follower Replacement & Inspection

On all 2.0TFSI vehicles, Gotboost recommends a visual inspection of the camshaft and follower is carried out at each service interval.

If the history of the follower is unknown then Gotboost strongly recommends replacing the follower immediately.

On vehicles running Stage2+ software or above and have an up-rated high-pressure fuel pump. Gotboost recommends replacing the follower every year or 5000miles.

On vehicles being used on the race track, Gotboost suggests a visual inspection after each event.

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