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Broster and Clutton star at Oulton Park in the GT Cup

GotBoost diversified last weekend helping Colin Broster in the GT Cup, also helping Glen Broster get more track time in the Trackday Trophy.

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Colin has run his 996 Porsche in the Championship successfully before, so it would be a case of picking up from where he left off. Or so we thought, but time is a cruel mistress to both man and machine.

Testing showed the car had lost none of it’s pace, with pro driver Marcus Clutton putting in quick laps towards the end of the session, despite complaining of a dragging clutch. Colin was struggling with the physical demands of driving the GT3 Porsche, suffering with cramp in the heat.

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Glen had a disappointing start to the test day, with a suspected seized engine! The team removed the engine to find the brand new starter motor was the culprit. The engine was quickly replaced and Glen was able to fine tune his set up for road tyres in the final two sessions.

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Race day, saw Colin Broster improve on his previous days times, with a dragging clutch, missing his front splitter and brakes that had “gone off”.

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Glen was struggling on his new road tyres and qualified a disappointing 3rd.

The decision was made made to change the clutch on the 996, a big ask to get it done before the first race, but the combined efforts of GT Marques and GotBoost got the job done.

Unfortunately the race was stopped on the first lap, and never restarted.

Glen was itching to improve on his qualifying performance, but got swamped off the line at the start of his race, falling back to 9th. With a safety car during the pit stop window, he fell further behind after failing to pit when signaled to do so. A storming 2nd half of the race saw him put in the fastest lap, and he continued to push hard right to the end finishing 2nd overall.

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Colin Broster and Marcus Clutton impressed racing from 18th on the grid to 8th overall, which allowed them to take the GTA group win in the second race.
The pair made a good start and ended up in a close battle with Daniel O’Brien towards the end, who lost the lead in the pit stops.

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“I got a good start and managed to pass the two Ginetta’s into Cascades, said Broster. “I was getting a bit close to Esmee Hawkey a couple of times but I left it up to Marcus in the end.”

“It was a cracking stint from Colin” added Clutton. “The car is still going strong which is good, I didn’t make it easy, I made a mess in the pit stops but it made a good race with Daniel.”

A successful weekend for the team, once again proving the quality of the preparation and set up on different cars and in different circumstances.