Car Air Con Servicing

Air Conditioning Servicing and Diagnosis

Does Your Car Air Con Need a Service?

It is fairly easy to check for yourself if your car air con needs servicing or if it is working properly.

The first step is to start the car and turn the air con on. Does the warning light (if fitted) illuminate? If it does, listen for any unusual noises coming from the air conditioning system.

If there are no unusual noises turn the system to the cooldest setting and the highest fan speed. (check the handbook if you are unsure how to do this).

With the air conditioning on full, feel the air coming out of your vents. Is the air coming out icy cold? 

If the air is icy cold, turn your attention to the smell. This may sound a little odd, however, if there’s a bad smell coming from the air conditioning it could be a sign of a leak within the system or of bacteria growth. 

Finally you want to listen under the bonnet for the compressor. The air conditioning compressor should make a clicking noise, as the compressor engages and disengages at regular intervals.

If all is well then the chances are your air conditiong system is working fine, however most  car manufacturers suggest servicing the air con every 2-3 years. 

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What is a Car Air Conditioning Service?

An air con service is routine maintainance and does not include diagnosis or repairs it will typically include:

  • Recharge of the refrigerant
  • Replenishing the systems lubricant
  • Vacuum test for leaks within the system
  • Evacuation of moisture from within the system
  • Anti-bacterial clean
  • Inspection of the drive belt and tensioners

What does a Car Air Con Service Cost?

As with most things to do with cars, the price can vary depending on many variables, but a typical family saloon using R134a refrigerant costs £85.

How Often Should I Service My Cars Air Con System?

It’s estimated that a cars air conditioning system will lose about 10% off its refrigerant every year. In order to maintain its efficiency most manufacturers recommend getting it serviced every 2-3 years

Vehicle Air Conditioning Diagnosis

Diagnosing air con faults is a specialist task, requiring knowledge, skills and equipment. If your air con isn’t working correctly trust the job to a garage that will carry out a diagnostic assessment. Including, mechanical, electrical and an evaluation of the system pressures.

Too many garages will simply regas the system and send you on your way, only for you to find it doesn’t work a few days/weeks later. In this case it is almost certainly a leak.

Leak Detection

There are various methods used for leak detection, some are simply ineffective others are illegal.

The correct method is to use oxygen free nitgrogen (OFN) under pressure and detect the leak using either a ‘sniffer’ or a soap solution. 

Electrical Faults

The increasing complexity of modern cars hasn’t bypassed the air conditiong system. Dual climate control is no longer the preserve of high end limo’s and common place on family saloons. So intergation of the vehicle electronic systems is a must as part of the diagnostic routine. There are various electrical components that can prevent the system from operating correctly.