Car Diagnostic Testing

Gotboost Diagnostics

We offer a full range of car Diagnostic services, if you have a running issue with your car then we can help!!

From  simple code reading, to complex running faults, and everything in between GotBoost can resolve the problems that the other garages will just throw parts at.

By utilising the Dyno, we can simulate real road conditions to help pinpoint that annoying issue that may only be present at elevated speeds or loads, these issues cannot safely be tested and diagnosed on the road.

We also repair CAN BUS faults, Body control, air bag (SRS) chassis, ABS Traction control and infotainment faults.

Diagnostic Assessment

We put the customer in control of the repair budget with our unique assessment offer. We will carry out a series of tests and try and prove what is or isn’t wrong with your vehicle for a fixed price. Once completed we will report back with our findings. You can the choose if you want to continue with the repair or  the diagnostic investigation. 

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    Car Diagnostic Equipment

    We use only the best car diagnostic equipment, but it doesn’t matter what kit you use unless you know what you are doing with it. So we don’t list what equipment we use, afterall a chef doesn’t boast about his ovens. It’s what we do with the equipment that makes the difference. 


    Oscilloscopes feature heavily in our diagnostic routines and we use a 4 channel Pico Scope, this is where we differentiate ourselves from other garages, we test not guess, sensor, actuator or wiring failures. We don’t play parts darts with your money. We aim for a first time fix every time.

    Car Diagnostic Coverage

    Our coverage is vast, in fact, we can diagnose and rectify faults on almost all cars.  But we will advise you if or when we think we can’t help you. 

    We offer dealer level diagnostics for most European marques which enables us to code modules for additional functionality such as cruise control, parking sensors etc.

    Modified, tuned and high-performance vehicles are particularly welcome at Gotboost and as the name suggests forced induction faults are something of a speciality. We pioneered the use of the smoke pro for leak detection.

    Why Choose Us?

    Gotboost provides car diagnostic training for garages all across the UK.

    Regularly featuring in magazines, writing articles and even setting questions for the IMI (automotive sector skills council) examinations that all techniciains must pass to become qualified.

    The system and processes used at Gotboost has been replicated by the best garages around. 

    We use simple proven processes to prove what is or isn’t wrong with your car. Diagnostics isn’t about the equipment you use but the way the data is analysed. You need system knowledge, information and equipment to make an accurate diagnosis. It’s the knowledge that sets us apart.



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