Classic Car Tuning South Wales

Do you need your Classic Car Tuned?

You would expect it would be easy to find a tuner for your classic car. After all, there are more dynos or rolling roads across South Wales than ever before.

However most of these are run by companies that remap cars using a computer.


Historic Classic Car Tuning in South Wales

Gotboost has been tuning cars since the late 80’s. This experience puts us at an advantage when it comes to tuning classic cars.

We use modern equipment such as wideband lambda sensors to help set mixture screws, select jets/needles alongside traditional tools such as carb balancers and timing lights.

Tuning Modern Classics

These are the cars we were brought up tuning. This is where the passion for tuning first started for us.

This is our comfort zone.

These modern classics are starting to increase in value. We appreciate they don’t look too different from today’s cars.

But when it comes to tuning, diagnosing and repairing modern classics the skill set required is very different. Little or no live data, few if any fault codes. This means these modern classics require a different approach.

Here at Gotboost we have blended the modern sophisticated methods we use on today’s performance vehicles with the tools and techniques required for K-jet, Rover Mems, Bosch Jetronic etc.

In short, we know our rotor arms from our track control arms.