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Problems with your DPF?

Gotboost offers on and off vehicle DPF Cleaning services in Bridgend.

Car in limp mode (low power) or engine warning/DPF lights on the dash?

Then the Diesel Particulate Filter on your car is blocked and has stopped attempting to clean itself. This process known as regeneration should happen under normal driving condtions.

If your journey does not allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature, or lasts less than 20-30 minutes then you may suffer from frequent regernation, which increases fuel consumption, & can lead to oil diluation  and in the worst cases engine failure.

Engine warning/DPF light comes on and goes off again?

This is symbolic of  a recurring problem that can eventually lead to expensive issues in the near future.

Fault codes stored relating to the DPF?

We offer a complete diagnostic service that starts with the way the vehicle is used ( short start-stop driving habits are part of the problem).

Then we establish the cause of the DPF problem, some DPF errors are simple component failures, that can be rectified at low cost.

If the DPF is full of soot and will not regenerate as it is past it’s load limit we can clean it chemicaly while it is still on the vehicle. Our DPF Cleaner has proven results. It may also be possible to remove the DPF and have it deep cleaned off the vehicle.

However if the DPF is full of incombustible material (ash) replacement is often the only cure. This happens around 80-120K miles depending on use, oil and fuel quality.

A replacement DPF can cost as much as £2000 and there is no guarantee that the problem wont come back, especially if the under lying problems are still present on the vehicle.

We offer a reliable, in-expensive, and complete DPF solution for a wide range of vehicles, completely eliminating the problem.

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