DPF FAP Problems?

DPF / FAP Solution for most vehicles-

Are you suffering annoying and expensive DPF problems?

We have a cost-effective solution for most vehicles.

More and more vehicles are now approaching the age where the diesel particulate filter is becoming a problem, we offer a complete solution at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Firstly we will carry out an assessment of your vehicle, then we will diagnose the cause of your DPF issue. In over 80% of cases, the DPF is not at fault but is a symptom and does not require cleaning, replacement or removal.

If the DPF requires cleaning, our on vehicle DPF cleaner is capable of dealing with most soot loadings, if the ash content is too high then the DPF will have to be replaced or sent away for off-vehicle cleaning.

Do not use any in-tank additives without taking advice from a DPF expert, time and time again we have seen thermal damage due to incorrect use of in-tank additives.

Fill in the contact form for more details, please include your vehicle registration number and the details of your DPF problem.