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GPF Tuning, The Revo Way

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GPF – Gasoline Particulate Filter

GPF Tuning the Revo way. Revo started to look into the technology of the new EU6.2 emissions controls system back in 2016. With the arrival of their first development vehicle. With many more added to the fleet since. As part of their development process, they have completed a thorough and detailed analysis of each vehicle.

GPF Tuning Options

Removing the GPF is illegal for road use

Rather than simply removing the GPF, and make the vehicles illegal for road use.

Revo has been monitoring the effects that running higher power has on them. Revo Stage 2 GPF software, therefore, retains the stock downpipe with catalytic convertor and GPF. Although Revo did upgrade the GPF back section to give more exhaust acoustics. Through months of extensive development, they were able to produce software with similar performance pack figures between pre-GPF and GPF models for some applications.

If you consider that companies openly advertise DPF removal on diesel vehicles (which is illegal). It is likely that the advice will be similar for the GPF; to remove the system altogether, or to remove the internals and weld it closed will become illegal. If companies do not offer legal products, then customers are only left with one choice. Revo believes that choice should, at least, be legal.

Among many of the latest generation engines, the 2.0TSI engine (Gen3) is equipped with a GPF. This has formed part of an extensive and in-depth research and development program. This focused on the implications of this filter in regards to ECU calibration changes. There have been some substantial changes in factory form to keep in line with the latest Euro 6.2 emissions laws, which we will most likely see across more vehicles in time. Most notable is the introduction of the GPF and the change to the single port injection system.

Revo have created legal GPF Tuning Products

Increased restriction from Governments globally on emissions means that the GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) is here to stay. Revo stand firm on creating products that are legal. We don’t want our products to incriminate our customers, which is why we don’t create products that are illegal or ‘for track use only’.

The impact on tuning potential clearly varies significantly from one engine variant to the next. For example, the Mk8 Fiesta ST (1.5T Ecoboost) sees minimal gains from the GPF filter being removed. But the 2.5TFSI DNWA (RS3/TTRS etc.) makes less power than its predecessor the 2.5TFSI DAZA. However 2.0TSI EA888 Gen3 with GPF in place offers incredible performance gains, matching the previous generation in power/torque and overall performance.

Ask yourself the question. if you don’t need to remove the GPF, why would you?

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