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P244C Ford TDCi

P244C Ford Duratorq 1.6, 2.0, 2.2 TDCi

Warning Lights Illuminated and the vehicle is in restricted performance mode

If the Diagnostic Trouble Code P244C [ Exhaust Temperature too low for Particulate Filter regeneration] is stored in the engine control module of your Ford Diesel then your DPF is blocked and failing to regenerate. Clearing the code will not restore normal operation for long, although you may think the code has gone it will return once the vehicle completes its monitoring of the DPF operation.

System Operation

This series of engines use a vaporiser to increase exhaust gas temperatures to help with DPF regeneration. The Vaporiser itself consists of a glow plug to heat the fuel and a nozzle to direct the fuel into the exhaust gas stream. A separate pump fed from the fuel filter housing supplies the fuel to the vaporiser. The exhaust gas temperature is monitored via three temperature sensors fitted near the turbo, in front of the DPF and after the DPF. Exhaust gas temperature must exceed 600 degrees Celsius for the system to work effectively.


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    To find out more about DPF’s click here.

    Cause in order of probability

    1. The vaporiser is blocked
    2. Vaporiser glow plug failure
    3. Vaporiser glow plug circuit failure
    4. Vaporiser pump failure
    5. Vaporiser pump circuit failure
    6. Temperature sensor Failure
    7. Temperature sensor circuit failure

    Test Procedures

    1. Connect a Mityvac to the vaporiser supply pipe, if it holds a vacuum the vaporiser is blocked.
    2. Measure the resistance of the vaporiser glow plug (it should be 1.1 Ohms).
    3. Actuate the pump using a suitable scan tool and check fuel flows out of the pipe going to the vaporiser. (Use a clean container to catch the fuel.) If fuel is present the pump and circuit are working. If no fuel is present check the fuse, relay and wiring.
    4. using a scan tool check live data for the correct operation of the temperature sensors. You may find only 2 of the 3 sensors has a data PID. Use a DMM to test the sensors either using resistance or voltage test methods.

    Do not order a vaporiser until you have carried out all the tests

    If you do not have the ability or capability to carry out all of the tests, take your vehicle to a garage that can perform the tests correctly, it will be cheaper than ordering a vaporiser in error. We perform these tests on a daily basis and have all the expertise and equipment to diagnose your DPF fault quickly and accurately.