We can tailor a complete upgrade package for your vehicle, from a simple ECU remap, to a full blown Stage 4 conversion and beyond.

All Vehicles –  Stage 1 

Stage 1 tuning does not require any specific hardware mods, the changes required all take place inside the ECU.

Most Turbo charged Petrol Vehicles –  Stage 2

Stage 2 normally requires a turbo back exhaust with a sports cat , air intake mods and front mount inter-cooler are also recommended for some models.

Most Turbo charged Diesel Vehicles –  Stage 2

Stage 2 normally requires exhaust modifications. Contact us for your exact requirements.

 Vehicle – VAG  2.0  TFSI  REVO Stage 3 Turbo Kit

Standard power – 200/207/211 bhp (flywheel)
Standard Torque – 207 ftlbs


The Revo 2.0TSI Stage 3 Turbo kit combined with Revo Stage 3 software can give up to 164bhp and 215Nm peak increases over standard quoted figures with smooth power delivery and excellent drivability.
With the larger turbo-charger and supporting Stage3 software the 2.0TSI engine is given an entirely new lease of life, seeing over 360bhp and 360ftlb along with increases throughout the rev-range making for not just a powerful car but a true all-round performance car. Whether you have a 2.0TSI VW Gti, LeonFR, Scirocco, Octavia VRS, or even a VW Tiguan a Revo Stage3 package will give you an incredibly capable and rewarding vehicle to drive.

The Borg Warner turbo has been modified to Revos’ exact standards and features a set of custom silicon hoses which relocates the factory diverter valve.
The Revo Borg Warner K04 – 0064 benefits from a redesigned outlet that not only removes the OEM resonator but increases airflow, as with all Revo products the quality of the work is second to none.


 Vehicle – Ford Fiesta ST  REVO Stage 3 Turbo Kit

Standard power – 179 bhp (flywheel)
Standard Torque – 199 ftlbs

The Ultimate Upgrade- Revo Stage 3 for Ford Fiesta ST ( 250BHP & 280 ftlbs)fiesta st turbo

Stage 3 Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the ST with the hardware bolt ons required to support stage 2, along with the additional Peron ‘Super Stock Billet X’ Turbo for stage 3.

The PERON Super Stock Billet X Turbocharger™ is a high performance direct bolt-on upgrade. The turbocharger has a larger exhaust turbine which is designed to increase the amount of air flowing through your engine. No cutting, drilling, adapter plates, or modifications required.

Custom Packages are available for most vehicles, with custom ECU tuning to match hardware spec. Contact us for your exact requirements and pricing.