Procut on Car brake lathe

GotBoost have invested in a Procut on car brake lathe….

Primarily for the racing cars where brake performance can be the difference between otherwise similar cars.

Even new discs when fitted can have some run out due to mating surface imperfections, or manufacturing tolerances.

With the Procut on car brake lathe we can reduce run out to as little as 0.025mm

However your road car can benefit too

Brake-Disc-After-Skimming-For-Driver Brake-Disc-Before-Skimming-For-Driver


Brake disc skimming with a Pro-Cut machine will…

  • Stop brake pedal pulsation, juddering, squeaks and squeals.
  • Improve braking performance on your vehicle – increasing safety whilst driving.
  • Restore corroded discs – improve the look of your car
  • Increase brake pad service life – why fit new pads to discs without a flat and true friction surface
  • Save you money

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Do you use EBC pads or Discs?

Their MD and owner Andy Freeman had this to say…….

“EBC started using the Pro Cut lathe 8 years ago after investigating numerous vibration issues on cars

and found the product was not to blame but in 95% plus of the cases alignment was the issue.

Recommending Pro Cut solves it all, even on new discs.”