Loba Motorsport

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High Pressure Fuel Pumps  for more Power

Tuned vehicles burn more fuel, which at a certain performance level can no longer be supplied by a standard high pressure fuel pump. Our high pressure fuel pumps have been especially designed for use in tuned racing and road vehicles. They supply the necessary pressure and fuel, even at high performance levels.


  • Developed for racing and tuned vehiclesfuel pump
  • Higher pressure levels, higher flow rates
  • The appearance is nearly identical to that of an OEM pump
  • Hardened cylinders and pistons made from a special alloy
  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated pistons
  • Developed and produced by LOBA Motorsport



Using a reinforced Sachs performance clutch cover has fundamental advantages against an OE clutch cover, such as a much higher transmittable torque and higher resistance against thrust, yet this kit retains a very OE feel due to a the use of a Sachs performance organic friction plate.

A lot has been made of the performance advantage of a LOBA billet flywheel. The fact that the flywheel provides 50% of the friction surface to which the disc mates and consequently half of the holding power.

For maximum clutch performance, the billet material is carefully chosen, that surface must have maximum compatibility, flat and true with the disc friction material for smooth engagement and to take advantage of the increased coefficient of friction of a high performance clutch disc. Without this compatibility, the power or torque capacity of the entire clutch system is seriously compromised.

Also it must be noted LOBA billet flywheels are balanced to far higher precision than stock and also much lighter.

There are completely different requirements for a clutch in motorsport. Special attention is paid to lightweight and mass moment of inertia (MMI) in order to achieve the maximum acceleration of the engine as well as shorter shifting times and sportier gearshifts.

Thanks to a smaller clutch diameter and exclusive materials a significant reduction of weight and thus MMI is achieved with this kit.

LOBA single mass clutch kits is also not as noisy as our competitors offerings.

This makes it extremely useful for tuned cars and suits cars with modified turbocharger, and for vehicles that are often driven hard. Complete assembled kit weight is 13.6 kg

Conservatively rated to 550Nm, We have seen cars running over 650Nm on this set up.