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Here at GotBoost, we have carefully selected a range of tuning partners that we believe offer the best overall remapping service, so we can feel confident in the product we are supplying to our customers.

All remaps come with optional dyno testing*, a FREE diagnostics session, and a no quibble money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied. We offer an honest approach to improving the performance of your vehicle, with real, proven and repeatable power quotes instead of inflated and unrealistic estimates.

ECU Remaps from £225 including diagnostics, and our 30 day money back guarantee.

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    Why Should I remap my Car?


    Remapping a car or van has two major benefits: increased torque and increased power. 

    It is possible to increase the fuel economy by remapping cars but the biggest variable is the driver and driving habits before and after remapping the ECU.

    Typically we would expect a 5% increase on a turbo diesel engine and like for like on a petrol engine.

    Most customers report that ‘Remapping my car has not only improved power and torque during hard acceleration but the engine is much more responsive during normal driving conditions’.

    This is because remapping the engine using the latest professional remapping software alters the fuel, timing and manifold pressure (where applicable) under all engine conditions, not just during wide-open throttle accelerations.

    Remapping Diesel Engines

    Gotboost has been remapping diesel engines for over 2 decades and continues to invest in the latest genuine remapping tools to offer diesel remapping to its customers. 

    We can offer stage 1 remaps for most diesel applications which result in the best blend of power, torque and economy. 

    Gotboost can provide custom remapping files if your engine has been modified with bigger injectors, hybrid turbos, exhaust modifications, intake modifications etc. POA.

    We also offer DPF, EGR and Add Blue Solutions where appropriate please contact us for more details.

    Remapping Petrol Engines

    Remapping petrol engines falls into two categories Turbo and non-turbo (naturally aspirated).

    Turbo engines can be remapped to produce impressive gains, as the increases in boost pressure result in significant improvements in volumetric efficiency. There are limits though, and we offer stage 1 remaps for mildly modified or otherwise standard vehicles, and up to stage 4+ for highly modified vehicles.

    Remapping naturally aspirated engines is only worthwhile if the gains are worth the remapping costs. We are always happy to advise, and never inflate the gains just to get the sale. If it isn’t worth it, we will simply advise you not to remap your car.

    Fill out the contact form or call us on 01656 670741 for your personal remapping quote.


    What is remapping

    Remapping or Tuning is basically optimising the way a vehicle burns its fuel. This means a much greater amount of power and torque coming from the engine which can be used to improve towing, acceleration or fuel economy. 

    “Remapping” is a software change within a vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). We modify the operating parameters within the ‘map’ to increase the vehicle’s performance and/or economy, without the need to change or add any hardware.

    In many cases the map stored within the ECU can be accessed via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD) In some newer models the ECU needs to be removed and opened for the modification to be carried out on the bench. We always advise you if this is required.

    If we are required to read the ECU, we send the file to one of our file writing partners (Revo, Quantum, DNA Tuning) who will adjust the original calibration to maximise the vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, or a clever blend of both. Depending on the vehicle and ECU type the process normally takes less than 2 hours, although bench programming takes slightly longer

    There are lots of companies remapping in South Wales but not many remapping companies in South Wales.

    Gotboost is a Specialist Tuning Company with decades of experience in vehicle modifications for both road and race vehicles. Trust the experts.

    Gotboost works to the highest professional standards. So you can be assured of the following:

    • We will not overstate our figures to make them appear better than our competitors
    • We will not quibble over our 30-day money back guarantee
    • We will not raise your expectation of fuel savings to an unreasonable level
    • We will tell you if the improvements for your car are minimal and therefore not worth doing
    • We will keep your original file for 5 years
    • We will not charge you to return your vehicle to its original software

    If you are looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance or have any queries regarding the processes we undertake, then please get in contact today by filling out the contact form or calling 01656 670741

    Aftermarket ECU Tuning

    It’s not just about remapping the original management systems, we have been tuning cars since the days of carburettors. This long heritage of tuning the old fashioned way provides the foundation for our remapping service. 

    We can work with a number of different aftermarket standalone ECU’s, and can cater for all  requirements.

    We aim to agree a fixed price for the number of load and speed sites mapped.

    Our standalone remapping service includes wiring,  ECU fitting & installment of additional features. 

    We specialise in forced induction such as supercharging and turbo conversions.

    Race, rally or roadcars are catered for, we understand the different requirements each places on the engine, and tune accordingly. 

    Please contact us for a quote for;

    Emerald. Omex, ME221, DTA, megasquirt, MBE, Hondata

    Omex Mapping

    *2wd / selectable 2wd vehicles only.


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