DNA Tuning

ECU Tuning by the experts, with over 25 years experience in the high performance tuning of engines fitted with today’s complex management systems and the most up to date technologies available. DNA Tuning is the industry world leader in terms of technology, features and value. Our aftermarket products incorporate the ability to run a variety of engine performance modes, disable the vehicle completely where necessary for security, and in some cases make changes specific to customers requests giving a better than OEM  product. All our software is developed to give you the smoothest and the most power, reliably, from your vehicle. DNA covers a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, for more details please fill out the contact form.

DNA Tuning is the answer for the customer who cares about performance and quality. We do not change settings to dramatic levels, or use boost spiking for that ‘feels’ quick effect, where in reality performance would be lowered where an ECU can adapt out these dangerous levels. Instead we tailor many changes throughout the rev range, altering many parameters others neglect, to give optimal performance throughout.
DNA Tuning is the answer for the customer looking for improvements in economy, removing limits set by the manufacturer that will free power and capability which would otherwise lay dormant. Increasing torque will yield better MPG, with up to 20% savings possible.

Advanced tuning options, for vehicles with extensive modification such as Hybrid Turbocharger, larger injectors are also available, as well as EGR mapping, DPF Solutions, MAF removal, Lambda defeat, Speed limiter removal, Immobiliser defeat.

Every file is carefully tailored to your exact requirements, and created to GotBoosts exacting standards, then thoroughly tested on our dyno, to give you the results you specify.

 DNA Tuning at Goboost