BMW F xx series remapping


EDC 17 ECU in positioning frame with boot pin

Gotboost has the ability to remap the new F xx series BMW models, and earlier 2009 on models which require removal of the ECU.

We offer this service to customers in the Cardiff, Swansea and Bridgend areas while you wait, or you can leave your car with us.

As of 2009 BMW added anti-tuning software to its ECU’s requiring the removal and opening of the ECU to enable reading and writing.

This normally requires soldering to the ECU board, here at Gotboost we have invested in the latest tooling to enable us to perform the task without soldering.

This reduces the risk of damage to the ECU, and means the procedure can be carried out quickly and efficiently.


All our BMW files come from our tuning partner DNA Tuning, and can be customised to your requirements.

We also offer;

V max Removal (speed limiter)

DPF solutions

EGR Removal

Swirl Flap Removal

Where applicable



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We always carry out out a basic diagnostic check to ensure your car is suitable for tuning, however we also offer before and after dyno testing with printouts.


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