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Revo high performance ECU tuning software releases the full potential of your car, with software that is fully adjustable to suit your driving style and your car. Covering most vehicles from Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Porsche and Ford (Focus RS & ST and the new Fiesta ST).

The engineering team at Revo pride themselves in producing the best software for your vehicle. Our engineers possess over 100 years combined experience in ECU software development, programming and performance car tuning. This depth of knowledge and experience allows our research and development to be conducted in-house. This software combined with thoroughly researched and developed hardware products make REVO able to offer the complete performance package.

The unique adjustibility of Revo  software permits the modification of boost, fueling, timing and throttle response. Your cars tuning can be configured to suit a wide variety of conditions; fuel quality, hardware modifications, even your own driving style, just to name a few.
This is an industry first in performance software at this level. Revo  works with the OEM vehicle systems and within the factory tolerances and protection mechanisms. All of this happens whilst simultaneously optimising performance for real world conditions. This approach to tuning is applied consistently across our entire product range, and is what sets Revo apart from other manufacturers in the industry.
The Revo software is uploaded to the vehicles’ engine control unit (ECU) via the onboard diagnostics port (OBDII). This method of installation, (flashing), is accomplished without any need for direct access to the ECU itself, and in most cases the entire process, including pre-checks, set up, post-test and handover typically takes less than an hour.
This method of instillation is fast, reliable and eliminates the hazards associated with soldering, since the ECU is not physically modified in any way. Once in place, the software does not interfere with the OEM dealer’s diagnostic capabilities.

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