Revo End of Year Software Sale

Revo Authorised Dealer

12th November – 12th December (INCLUSIVE)

The Revo End of Year Software Sale.

It’s that time of year again where the world goes crazy for a sale. So Revo thought they would join in and give both new and existing customers some exciting offers for 2020.


Revo End of Year Software Sale 2020

Yes, you did read that correctly. Get your vehicle flashed before the 12th December 2020 and receive a 20% discount by signing up for a voucher. The discount applies to new customers only and includes ECU and TCU software. You will also receive 20% off the total price if you purchase and install ECU & TCU software at the same time, on the same vehicle.

Already a Revo customer? Then read on for more offers specifically for software upgrades.

How can I get a voucher?
Sign up here before the 12th December for a voucher.

When is the voucher valid for?
Use the voucher between the 12th November and the 12th of December 2020.

Can I get/use more than one voucher?
No, you can only get one voucher per customer. The voucher can not be used in connection with any other existing software promotion.

Getting your car flashed?

Simply contact us using the contact form or by calling 01656 670741.


Revo End of Year Software Sale 2020

As a valued Revo customer you already receive a massive 70% discount when you upgrade your ECU or TCU software from the current Stage to the next. It’s now an even better time to get more performance as we have capped the upgrade fee to £100 per software upgrade until the 12th December as part of the Revo End of Year Sale.

When is the discount valid for?
The capped pricing will run between the 12th November and the 12th of December 2020.

Am I eligible?
The same terms and conditions for our Revo Upgrade Policy apply. The capped upgrade fee is available to a current Revo customer who originally purchased the software for the vehicle that is to be upgraded. The software must currently be installed and proof of original purchase will be required.

What can I upgrade?
You can upgrade from your current Revo software stage to the next available stage, this includes ECU and TCU software. The capped upgrade price is charged per software upgrade.

If I’m not the original software owner?
If you bought the car with Revo software already installed then, unfortunately, the Revo upgrade policy and pricing doesn’t apply to you. However, you can still take advantage of the 20% off all software promotion and sign up for a voucher if you wish to upgrade.