Dyno Services

What is a rolling road?

A chassis dynamometer (dyno) sometimes called a rolling road, is a device used for engine testing. It uses a roller assembly to simulate road loads in a controlled environment.

A power run or dyno test measures the power and torque at the wheels of a vehicle. 

Mainline dyno services

Dyno and Workshop Services

Gotboost’s Rolling Road is a Mainline 2 wheel drive, twin 217 mm roller Chassis Dynamometer.  

It can be used in two ways;

1. Steady-state mode for mapping and also in

2. Acceleration mode which produces repeatable power curves.

The rolling road measures a maximum of 600bhp at the wheels up to a speed of 250 Kph. Depending on transmission type and tyres it can measure up to 500 flywheel bhp easily after which you will have traction problems.

The software logs the power output at 1mph intervals and can calculate the power losses through the transmission and tyres using math channels.

The results can be plotted and extracted for further analysis, in various formats.  Comparison graphs can be produced between several runs and these assist the operator when making adjustments to the engine.

The rolling road has a digital read-out which displays real-time data as measured at the wheels.

Our dyno cell houses our fantastic Mainline Dynolog 2WD chassis dyno (www.mainlineauto.com.au)Gotboost Dyno Services

The dyno is housed in an air flowed cell with a 1.5m 25000CFM axial extraction fan and 20hp of high-pressure vehicle cooling, allowing us to test even high horsepower cars without heat issues.

Chassis Dynamometer Services

GotBoost LTD is pleased to offer a full range of chassis dynamometer services, some of which are detailed below –

Rolling Road Tuning & ECU Remapping OEM and aftermarket ECU remapping service available for virtually all vehicles

Dyno Testing Cars Advanced Power testing and logging capabilities are available, ranging from a simple power run, to full OBD logging.

Rolling Road Diagnostics Full road simulation diagnostic service available.

Development and product testing Using our advanced logging and power testing capabilities, we are able to carry out all manner of component testing to aid in the design process, or provide proof of improvements for marketing purposes.

Dyno Days Club Days are a pleasure, and offer a great opportunity to meet up with friends at a local venue, whilst also benefiting from a great club discount on rolling road power testing.

Rolling Road Rental Our dyno cell is available to rent, for tuners/enthusiasts that wish to utilize the dyno for their own purposes. Special rates for half day, or full day bookings.