Oscilloscope Training Course Content

Our courses are designed to develop your knowledge and skills beyond that of just being able to perform these tests, but how to expand your test routine to enable you to diagnose faults quicker and with more assurance.

We offer two levels of oscilloscope Training; Basic and Advanced.

Both courses are a mixture of theory and practical sessions and delegates are encouraged to participate as much as possible.

The Basic Course Covers;

  • Basic Scope Set up
  • Triggers
  • Sample Rate
  • Filters
  • Basic Component Testing


The Advanced Course Covers;

  • Detailed Waveform Analysis
  • Relationship testing


The course is endorsed by Pico themselves click the link below which will take you to the approved Pico Courses list. 

If you are thinking of buying an Oscilloscope or if you have already got one and are struggling to to get the most out of it then the Basic Course is an ideal place to start.

If you are a more expierenced ‘scoper’ then the Advanced course builds on your knowledge and expierence, to enable you to start designing tests, using some of the more advanced techniques we have developed for testing common vehicle systems.

Such as:

  • Vehicle Networks
  • Common Rail Pressure analysis
  • Ignition
  • Gasosline Direct Injection
  • Engine Performance

Designed by Technicians for Technicians

Our courses are delivered in terms you understand, in an enviroment you are comfotable with, using as much hands on time as possible.

Most technicians learn by doing, so will ‘do’ as much as possible.

But you can start learning by going to our Training website and requesting a copy of the free oscilloscope guide