Winter Offer



All cars can suffer in winter, here at GotBoost we understand your specific vehicle needs, tuned or standard.

As part of a winter check service we assess;

Brake fluid boiling point (it absorbs moisture lowering the boiling point)

Antifreeze concentration (did you know it requires changing in accordance with manufactures service schedule)

Screen wash, wipers and lights (winter places a greater strain on these)

Check the state of health of your battery (internal resistance is higher during cold weather which can leave you stranded)

For just £30 inc VAT


Winter workshop offer 10% off all labour charges during January when you use the promo code JAN16.

So this is the time to book that service, or get your brake fluid changed, even just get your anti-freeze and screen wash topped up.

Fill out the contact form with your vehicle details, your work request, don’t forget to use the promo code JAN16 and we will supply you with a quote.

Trust us to keep you on the road this winter.